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ProPel is a word derived from the word "Pro" and "Pel". "Pro" denoting movement, a propelled force moving forward."Pel" is short for the word "Pixel" and it also means the "center of light".

A Unique Film Production & Distribution Company

As entertainment choices become more and more abundant in our daily lives, we find ourselves in a predicament deciding what kind of entertainment we will consume. In the movie industry it is becoming increasingly difficult to find films that are of high quality and which don’t depress our psyche or expose our senses to profanity, immorality, terror or gore. Recent success in niche film markets has demonstrated that there are audiences in the world seeking films that are entertaining, meaningful, and not degrading. However, these markets are often teeming with low quality movies that are culturally indulgent and message heavy and are unable to realize the full potential of the market. We see a huge opportunity to produce high quality films based on powerful stories that entertain and inspire audiences.

Driven By Story, Guided by Truth Found in the Human Experience

ProPel Pictures is a group of passionate filmmakers, businessmen, and financiers that believe stories in the form of moving pictures are the most influential and powerful medium to raise the standard of rich storytelling and enrich society with nourishing media.

ProPel Pictures, LLC. is a film production and distribution company based in Salt Lake City, Utah that focuses on telling true stories, which portray the human experience. It was originally founded by business partners and long-time filmmaking dynamic duo, Christopher S. Clark and Patrick H. Parker. Besides producing and distributing its own film products, ProPel Pictures offers these services to other filmmakers with projects that fit the mission of ProPel.